Moving UCS Service Profile between UCS Clusters

@SlackerUK on Twitter asked about moving Service Profiles between UCS clusters.

In short, it’s not currently possible with UCS Manager without a bit of manual work.

First, create a “logical” backup from UCS Manager.  This will create an XML file containing all of the logical configuration of UCS Manager, including your service profiles.   Find the service profile you want, and remove everything else from the backup.  You can then import that XML file into another UCS Manager instance.  Be aware that everything comes with that XML, including identifiers – so make sure you’re OK with that or remove the original service profile to eliminate duplicates.

If you’re using BMC Bladelogic for Cisco UCS, it *does* have the capability to move service profiles between clusters.

2 thoughts on “Moving UCS Service Profile between UCS Clusters”

  1. (Disclaimer: I work for EMC.)

    EMC Ionix Unified Infrastructure Manager (UIM) also has the ability to work with service profiles across multiple UCS instances.

  2. Scott – thanks for commenting. You’re absolutely right, EMC Ionix can do this too. Care to add any commentary or a post detailing the Ionix value to UCS?

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