Webinar: How to use the Fibre Channel Speedmap

Or alternatively titled, “Shameless Self Promotion – Dave does a webinar!”

Tony Bourke and I did a short webinar on the Fibre Channel Speedmap, available here:

If you’re interested in a bit of the history of why storage administrators typically talk about BYTES/second while network administrators talk about BITS/second, you might want to give it a look.

Great UCS write-up by Joe Onisick

If you’re not currently following Joe’s blog over at definethecloud.wordpress.com, you should start.

He just posted another great article on why UCS is his server platform of choice.   Before you write him off as just another Cisco fan-boy, definitely take a look at his logic.   Even if you have another vendor preference, he presents some excellent points to consider.

Take a look : http://definethecloud.wordpress.com/2010/05/23/why-cisco-ucs-is-my-a-game-server-architecture/