Cisco Kicks HP to the Curb

Well, it’s official.   HP is not going to be a Cisco gold partner any longer.

Given HP and Cisco’s very public competition, I can’t say this is any surprise.  While HP certainly has contributed significant sales to Cisco in the past in the form of routing and switching equipment, HP has aggressively moved to position their own products in front of Cisco’s recently (and why wouldn’t they?).

Does anyone think this actually means much for the sales of either company, or more of a “yawn” type move?

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One thought on “Cisco Kicks HP to the Curb”

  1. I’d say it definitely means something for the sales of each company. Cisco does roughly a billion dollars of business per year resold through HP, which means HP does a billion dollars of Cisco business per year. That being said it’s still got hints of yawn, pieces of the agreement will remain, such as HP selling Cisco SAN switches 9neither can afford to stop that.) The interesting part to me is that it definitely shows that Cisco isn’t taking it’s step into the server market lightly and is willing to put it’s money where it’s mouth is.

    I don’t know that anyone is a big loser in the decision but I expect there are several big winners. Any VAR/VASP that is both a top-tier Cisco and Hp partner now has a unique ability to sell the full product suite of both, how and when they choose. This further stresses the value of the 3rd party independant reseller/solution provider.

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