Request for help! NetApp gurus, please chime in!

Haven’t used my blog for this purpose before, but figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot!

I’m not going to have an opportunity to test this until next week, so I’m hoping to get some feedback about whether or not I’m attempting the impossible. I’m trying to see if I can multiple sub-interfaces on a NetApp VIF all in the same subnet and with the same IP address. This is for a lab environment where each VLAN represents an isolated lab, but I want all of the labs to be able to connect to the same NetApp device using the same IP address so as to simplify addressing, etc.

This diagram describes basically what I’m trying to accomplish. Can anyone confirm if this will or will not work?

Firefly Communications named Cisco 2012 Global Learning Partner of the Year!

While this is my personal blog, I make no secret of who I work for. I’ve thus far refrained from posting anything remotely sales-y or promoting my company, but I’m very proud of this group accomplishment and wanted to share. Every year at Cisco’s partner conference, Cisco awards a small number of partners (out of the almost 70,000 worldwide!) with awards in various categories for excellence in the prior year.

I’m proud to announce that the company I work for, Firefly Communications, has been awarded the Global Learning Partner of the Year for 2012! I’m extremely proud of the team I work with and the recognition from Cisco on our dedication to education and the adoption of new technologies.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.