UCSM 1.4 : Where to find firmware now

Prior to UCSM 1.4, all UCS firmware was delivered as a single bundle – this included UCSM itself, the code for the Fabric Interconnects, IO Modules, blades, mezzanine cards, etc.   With UCSM 1.4, code is now delivered in three different packages.   This makes it easier for Cisco to release support for new blades, mezzanine cards, etc, without having to release a new version of UCSM.

First, the old way:

Note the path to the software – you’d navigate to the Fabric Interconnect and select “Complete Software Bundle”.   As of December 31, 2010, the last version posted her is 1.3(1p) – even though 1.4 has been released.   This is due to the new way code is distributed.   Instead of going to a specific piece of hardware, navigate to Products/Unified Computing and review the options listed:

The three new categories are “Cisco UCS Infrastructure Software”, “Cisco UCS Manager Server Software”, and “Cisco UCS Manager Capability Catalog Software”.

The “Infrastructure Software” category contains UCSM, and the firmware/software for the Fabric Interconnects, IO Modules, and FEX modules (for C-series attachment).

“Cisco UCS Manager Server Software” has two sub-categories, one for B-series blades and one for C-series rack-mount servers.

Finally, the “UCS Manager Capability Catalog Software” category contains a small file that describes (to UCSM) all of the components of a UCS system for inventory, categorization, etc.   If Cisco were to release, say, new fan modules that had different specifications than the existing ones, only this file would need to be updated instead of a full system-wide upgrade.

I hope this helps when going looking for the latest code for your UCS system!

3 thoughts on “UCSM 1.4 : Where to find firmware now”

  1. It figures that what I liked the most about firmware upgrades on UCS i.e. not having to go locate pieces under various sections, would change to the more common Cisco practice of having to go find the many pieces.

    What I’d prefer to see would be for the process of locating and downloading the firmware to be part of the UCS Manager i.e. supply a username/pass for the Cisco site, and the Manager displays the current pieces and offers to download them directly to the UCS for you.

    1. I’ve seen similar requests in to Cisco before, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it in a future version.

      At first, I too was a little annoyed to see that the firmware get broken up, but it makes sense why they did it – especially with C-series integration. Why download code for C-series servers if you’re not using it? Just grab the 3 or 4 total packages you need (maximum). It also makes it easier for Cisco to release new hardware (blades, C-series) without having to upgrade the infrastructure code.

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