Panduit Completes 7 Meter SFP+ Copper Cables!

Panduit is now shipping their 7 meter SFP+ copper twinax cables.   They’re not officially on the Cisco compatibility list yet, but once they are, this opens up some additional UCS expansion options.   The jump from 5 meter to 7 meter may not seem like a lot, but that’s another rack and a couple of more chassis… who couldn’t use another 32 or 48 blades while still keeping the cabling infrastructure cheap?

My understanding is that the cables work just fine in UCS and Nexus 5000 configurations, but aren’t yet officially supported by Cisco.

3 thoughts on “Panduit Completes 7 Meter SFP+ Copper Cables!”

  1. I don’t see anything that indicates this an ACTIVE cable, rather than the more common passive cables. At 7m distances, the cable will need ACTIVE ends prior to obtaining any support from Cisco for use with FCoE and UCS.


  2. Interesting, Brad – I’ve heard (from within Cisco, unofficially, of course) both that these passive cables would and would not be gaining official support. Guess I’ll keep watching the compatibility matrix. 🙂

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