UCS Books

I often get asked by students if there are any other resources (beyond those I’m linking to) to get more information on UCS.

Silvano Gai, along with Tommi Salli and Roger Andersson, published a book back in March of 2009 that includes a great history of the drivers and goals behind the design of UCS.   While some of the material is, of course, outdated by now – and much of the terminology has changed and evolved, it still represents an excellent view into how the architecture was conceived and designed.   Definitely recommended if you’re planning on doing anything with UCS.

You can pick up Project California: a Data Center Virtualization Server – UCS (Unified Computing System) at Amazon.

While you’re at it, also check out Silvano’s book IO Consolidation in the Data Center (namely Fibre Channel over Ethernet – FCoE).

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